Intimacy Issues

Emotional and physical intimacy are fundamental aspects of any healthy intimate relationship. Most of us desire emotionally intimate relationships, however, for many people, the idea of actually being involved in one fills us with great fear of being rejected and hurt.

Quite often, family history plays a part in a person’s feelings about intimacy. Patterns of behavior that we observed or participated in during our childhood can have a significant impact on how we approach intimacy when we become adults. It is only when we begin to understand our feelings and discover the real reasons for our fears of intimacy, that we can relearn emotional health, and finally let ourselves go, and experience trusting, fulfilling connections. If you are dealing with intimacy issues, you are not alone and there is help available.

Sexuality and Intimacy

Intimacy is often far more multi-faceted and more complex than a sexual relationship. For many people, fear of intimacy and apprehensions about getting involved in deep, emotional relationships can become obstacles to genuinely fulfilling relationships. The reasons for these anxieties can be substantial, however, are typically the result of an overwhelming need to avoid the potential of being hurt like they were in the past.

Distinguishing the differences between sexuality and intimacy is often a fundamental step toward establishing a fulfilling relationship. Sex can be the most intimate kind of connection available for most of us and a deeply personal element of our lives. Some people are very free and uninhibited in their sexuality while others are left feeling vulnerable and self-conscious. Developing sexual intimacy can promote deeper feelings in the overall relationship. On the other hand, relationship problems can have a negative impact on our sex lives.

Having a healthy, passionate, sex life is important for most committed, long-term relationships. When it comes to rekindling a romantic relationship, however, it’s not just about the sexual act. Healthy sex starts with our authentic selves and trust for our partner, as well as the ability to clearly communicate with each other.

Intimacy and Life Changes

There are a number of life changes that can impact sex lives, emotional intimacy and connection in relationships. Even life changes that provide a sense of joy, for instance the birth of a child, can end up complicating the closeness of relationships. Having children requires a great deal of one on one time and attention. Add our busy schedules into the mix had there’s barely any time left for each other.

Don’t Worry – It is Possible to Rekindle Passion

Having a healthy, satisfying sex life doesn’t come naturally. It needs to be talked about and nurtured. As you set aside time to practice, your connection will deepen. While counseling is essential, you’ll also need to find time to practice wooing each other through communication and doing the things that help both of you feel safe and open to the experience of feeling loved. Whether your intimacy issues are keeping you from having close relationships, or you seem to have lost your way when it comes rekindling romance with your spouse, counseling can help.

Counseling for Intimacy Problems

Counselling will help you conquer your fear of emotional intimacy and make it possible for you to experience the joy of a positive relationship. The objective of counseling is to help create a safe refuge for you and your partner if applicable, exploring your needs and wants, and to talk about what’s really behind your intimacy problems. When it comes to relationships, you may discover that your partner conveys love in a different way than you do. For example, spending quality time with you might be what it takes for them to feel loved, but you might want more physical touch. Once the conversation starts flowing, old worries will start to dissolve and you’ll be more open to intimate relationships.

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