Work and Career Issues

Anxieties and fears relating to work are commonplace; with a lot of individuals battling with creative concerns and worries on the job, as well as income security. Complications in any career can and do manifest, and when they do, it can end up consuming a person psychologically, making them question everything. Anxiety, fear, anger, and uneasy feelings that seem to generate from the stomach are a few of the symptoms that people generally use to describe their how they feel when coping with career-related issues. Lack of sleep is another common symptom that occurs when the stress of the job takes over, further exacerbating the problem, making it nearly impossible to carry out focused work.

Emotions like stress and anxiety keep you stuck in a reactive state that can make managing work and career challenges even more difficult. The reactive state causes productivity to suffer.

Some of the most common work and career issues include:

  • Feeling unfulfilled with a career choice
  • Not being able to find a job
  • Dealing with a potential job layoff
  • Worries about finding a career that fits with a life purpose
  • Dealing with overwhelming stress on the job
  • Dissatisfaction with current job or career path
  • Ethical and social complications
  • Unrealistic presumptions from supervisors

Career at a Cost

Most of us believe that success on the job is a necessity – whatever the cost. As a result, we compromise our relationships, health and a social life in order to advance our careers. For many people, struggling with career issues means bringing fears and worries home from work, leading to a failure to separate our work and home lives. This typically causes emotional tension in relationships, quarrels and difficulty sleeping. In some cases, people start to experience a lack of motivation and some eventually turn to substance abuse in their efforts to find some level of stress relief. Substance abuse and other disruptive behaviors can make the situation even worse. Unfortunately, some people feel that their careers identify them and any disruptions can result in fear, uneasiness and anxiety about the future.

Work and Career Counseling

Finding an experienced counselor to discuss career or work-related issues with is a highly effective step to take. Having a trusted therapist to consult with will help you evaluate your career development objectively. Counseling for work and career issues will help you resolve the instability brought on by the fear and stresses experienced on the job. Therapy provides a neutral place for patients to explore their feelings and learn how to realize and maintain a healthy work-life balance, and any other competing needs. Counseling can also help identify any negative behaviors, and provide you with alternatives for regaining control of your life.

If you are dealing with work and career issues, our counselors at Bull City Psychotherapy can help. We’re here to provide the support you need to find a balance that will benefit not only your career but all other areas of your life. Call us today to schedule an appointment today or fill out the form on this page.


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