How do I Know if my Child isLooking at Internet Pornography?

There is a lot of easy access to pornography via the Internet that today’s adolescents have to deal with. Cell phones and computers can easily find pornography. And, the natural curiosity of the opposite sex makes accessing pornography seem harmless to an adolescent. However, if adolescents continue to view pornography and it becomes a habit combined with masturbation, then addiction can take place.

Some behavioral red flags to look for in your child if you suspect your child is looking at pornography are:

-If your child uses his/her computer or cell phone late at night instead of going to sleep
-If your child asks for increases in memory of his/her cell phone
-If your child takes very long showers or spends a long time in the bathroom
-If your child is in his/her room on the computer for long periods of time
-If your child does not want you looking at his/her cell phone or computer, and may have it locked
-Mood decline overall

If you suspect that your child is depressed or may be viewing pornography, please contact Bull City Psychotherapy as soon as possible for an appointment and treatment plan.