Conflict Resolution

When you fell in love, you felt connected and excited about the life you were going to build together. You agreed on just about everything. Over time, things started to change and now you find yourself disagreeing, arguing and bickering on a regular basis. Sometimes you just end up rehashing the same issue over and over again. The problems hardly ever seem to resolve themselves, instead there’s just the silent treatment, slamming doors or worse. You probably never imagined it would come to this, but right now you’re stuck in a battle of the wills and it’s ruining your relationship. Does this sound familiar?

No Relationship is Free of Conflict

It’s natural to disagree and have arguments from time to time. If you expected that your relationship would be free from conflict, this must have been an unpleasant surprise. If you’re fighting constantly, don’t wait until it’s too late to resolve the situation and secure your relationship. If you’re not communicating, are feeling resentful, dealing with sarcasm, passive aggressive behavior, ridicule, or a simmering state of silence, reach out for help right away. We can help you and your spouse develop conflict resolution skills that you can use within your relationship, skills that will help you protect and preserve it.

Signs of Conflict that Should be Addressed

  • Feeling more like enemies than partners
  • Living like roommates instead of a happily couple
  • A lack of affection and an unfulfilling sex life
  • Repetitive arguments and a breakdown in communication
  • Differences in parenting beliefs or styles that are dividing you
  • Beginning to think that you shouldn’t have married your spouse in the first place
  • Utter shock or hopelessness after discovering your partner’s financial issues, addiction or an affair

Our Approach to Conflict Resolution

At Bull City Psychotherapy, we understand that most conflict is generally due to two factors; an emotionally charged response to a situation and poor communication skills. During conflict resolution counseling, we will work with you to learn what is causing the conflict, help you gain an understanding of why your partner is reacting the way they are, and teach you both better ways to communicate with each other, uncovering the real root cause of the problems/reactions that you’re dealing with. By helping you navigate your emotions, you’ll learn how to manage your emotional reaction to the situation appropriately.

The counselors at Bull City Psychotherapy who provide couples counseling have the knowledge and experience necessary to help couples get back in tune with each other. As outside observers whose loyalties are focused on your relationship, instead of one or the other of you which is often the case with family and friends, we can pick up on and analyze patterns that you can’t because you’re in the middle of it.

Healthy relationships are built on love and clear communication with each other. The sooner you start working on your relationship, pushing through your communication problems, the easier it’s going to be for you to regain the loving relationship you had when you first started your life together. Take the next step by giving us a call today, or fill out the form to schedule a free consultation.

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