Do you know what gratitude is?

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Quick Hits:

  • Gratitude is not simply saying “thank you”.

  • You should be intentionally practicing gratitude daily because of its many proven physical and psychological health benefits.

  • Simple, quick exercises can help you realize these many benefits.(action steps listed below)

Personal disclaimer (you can skip this part if you just want the tips):  I LOVE this topic more than just about any other.  I’m fascinated by gratitude.  I’ve spoken to people who have made gratitude the cornerstone of their lives.  It is the foundation of their spiritual condition.  I’ve also spoken to people who have ever hardly given it a second thought.  To me, anything that covers that much ground has got to be interesting.  This post discusses the academic research that has defined gratitude, proven its utility in our lives, and prescribed ways to practice it.  Whether you practice gratitude daily, or never think about it, I suspect you’ll find this information intriguing if not downright exhilarating. Here’s the gratitude post…