Addiction affects approximately 40 million Americans aged 12 and over as defined by a recent Columbia University study. Excessive use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs account for the substances that many Americans are addicted to.

Process addictions such as sex and love, Internet and pornography, gambling, eating, money, also create the same problems in people’s lives as the physical addictions listed above. Even though process addictions do not put chemicals in the body as substance addictions do, the brain is still just as controlled by process behaviors which creates the same negative consequences in people’s lives, such as, loss of money, marriage infidelity, isolation, depression, anxiety, health problems, among others.

If you or a loved one are suffering with substance abuse or any type of addiction, please call or email Bull City Psychotherapy now. Our therapists at BCP have advanced training and expert certifications in alcoholism, substance abuse, sex, love , and pornography addiction, and all other process addictions. BCP also offers several groups to specifically address addiction.

If you are concerned that addiction is negatively affecting your life, it is necessary for you to seek the help of a professional addictions therapist. Bull City Psychotherapy has therapists who are CSAT’s (Certified Sex Addiction Therapists) and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialists (LCAS). The therapists at BCP have the necessary training to get you the help you need immediately and on your way to recovery from addiction.